Blooprent is my take on the puzzle physics genre. There are many challenges to face as the game slowly teaches you how to use each new block type.

    The objective is to move the cluster of dots over to a button using a combination of solid blocks, ice, conveyor belts, fans, moving hydraulic parts, and much more.

    Beating a level once doesn't mean you've truly beaten it. You are scored on your performance according to three categories: the amount of time it takes for the dots to get to the goal, how efficiently you got them there, and the number of entities used.

    As you progress through the game you will be introduced to increasingly complex entities. Hydraulics can move blocks, wires can send a signal across them, and so much more. You can even build complex logic circuits and simulate parts of a computer. There is also a built-in map editor that allows you to create your own levels and upload them for others to play.


    Blooprent is completely free, give it a try!
You're even allowed to monetize videos that you make playing it. If you enjoy it and would like to fund future indie game development feel free to donate. If I receive a significant amount of donations I'll put together a free expansion pack with new features and levels as a way to thank those who have supported me.